…Mark Zuckerberg, probably.

Well, the only attention I received for my meme was a “like” from Dr. Taub. I decided to make my meme the way I did because I based it off a comment Zeynep Tufekci said during her news conference: “There were times that Facebook’s own CEO (Zuckerberg) couldn’t answer fairly basic questions on how the platform works.” Being the CEO, Zuckerberg should know the ins and outs of his social media platform. Since Facebook caters to more than 1 billion people worldwide and there isn’t really another site out there like Facebook, Zuckerberg is prone to receive criticism. So, I think Tufekci makes a very valid and interesting point.

Although Zuckerberg seemed very sincere about his apology during his trial, I think it will take corrective action before people fully trust the platform again. No one wants to go through something like this again; it generates a lot of unnecessary fear on a website where people should feel comfortable to post whatever they want.

The use of memes for political messaging can be either hurtful or helpful. Many memes offer comedic relief on top of getting the point across, but some can just be flat-out offensive. It really depends on what message you are trying to send and what your audience is. For my meme, I guess I was trying to point out a flaw of Zuckerberg’s by not being able to answer simple questions about Facebook during his trial.

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